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Group Day Visits

Group day visits provide an outdoor learning experience for children.  We have a range of themed activities covering six subject areas or we can work with you to provide an activity day tailored to your requirements.

We have been providing day visits to schools, nurseries and groups for over 20 years, delivering unique learning experiences. On offer are a range of activities based around music, history, environment, geography, science, art and physical activities.


Sample of the topics we cover:

  • I'm Living Things / The Nature of Life: “Animal Day”
  • Earth – Our Home: “Habitats, Life Cycles, Food chains and Interdependence and Adaptations”
  • The Nature of Life: “Micro-Organisms”
  • Science Water World: “River Study”
  • Our World: “Environmental Art”
  • History - Time Travelers: “Great Fire of London”
  • Temples, Tombs and Treasure: “Egyptian Day”
  • The Stories People Tell: “Greek Myths Day”
  • The Stories People Tell: “Viking”
  • Explorers and Adventurers: “Orienteering”
  • The Stories People Tell: “Celts Day”


  • Group Challenges include:


  • Teamwork Challenge
  • Problem Solving
  • Survival Day
  • Eco Warrior day


“Our team can work with you to design a session around the unit of learning you are focusing on currently this term.”


We have transportation available on request and can transport a maximum of 28 plus 4 teachers in 2 minibuses. For more information and a quote send us a booking request.


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