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Volunteer, apprentices and work placement opportunities

Working with the team at the Centre your time will help to develop and improve the experiences that children get during their visits with us. There are a range of opportunities onsite that you can get involved in. What we look for are committed individuals who are reliable.  If its work placement, community volunteering or any other route, we welcome you to be a part of the Centre and its development.


Type of activities I can get involved?:

For example you can help with-

  • Animals care
  • Working on the land
  • Admin support
  • Building and repairing projects
  • Supporting the education programme
  • Catering to cleaning support


What time do I need to commit?:

What we look for is commitment and volunteers who can help from an hour a week to every day.  We will work around you to find a slot that works best for everyone. The most important factor we are looking for is reliability. So if you can give an hour a week or more and are committed and reliable get in contact by submitting an enquiry form.


What you get back in return:

  • Being part of a team that supports 100's of children's education each year, and contributing towards making a first class experience for them during their stay.
  • Training and other benefits.


How do I find out more?:

Submit an enquiry form and we will contact you to discuss the opportunities further.


Send us an enquiry about Volunteering
Get in touch to find out what opportunities we have